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New York, NY

Bathhouse is a distinct departure from traditional wellness models, filling a niche at the intersection of a no-frills banya and a luxury spa. Our design concept for the first Manhattan location—a three-level destination featuring thermal pools, saunas, and marble hammams—was inspired by the idea of the Hero’s Journey. Our goal was to create a new architectural language, allowing guests to feel as though they’ve discovered a slightly futuristic ruin from an ancient civilization.

Guests begin on the ground floor and descend down two subterranean levels, passing through a series of portals in a dream-like environment.

A ceremonial sauna is lined in cedar with an altar-like central heater. Sauna Masters perform Aufguss, a sensory experience with scented oils, music, and, of course, heat.

The steam room is clad in Danish three-dimensional tile with strips of light for a mysterious focal point.

entry to bathhouse's spa treatment corridor with steps leading to pool, flatiron, nyc, spa design

Inner sanctum

A darkened, compressed corridor evokes a sense of anticipation on the way to the treatment rooms. Guests emerge into a small lounge area with another pyramid hovering over salt pool, and a travertine gradient feature wall.

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