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Barcelona, Spain

A new restaurant in Barcelona takes inspiration from the extravagant, eccentric style of Jacqueline Roque, Pablo Picasso’s muse and second wife. Rockwell Group’s design for the three-story restaurant is driven by an abstraction of Picasso’s atelier and his love of entertaining, as well as four distinct portraits of Jacqueline. We mixed crafted, clean art nouveau details with spontaneous, graphic, and surreal imagery and forms.

The restaurant’s ground floor spaces, including the bar and main dining area, are inspired by Picasso’s “Woman in a Turkish costume seated in a chair” (1955). Here, Jacqueline is shown wearing an odalisque costume, depicted as “a woman of the harem.” It’s a colorful, sensual portrait in reds, yellows and blues.

jacqueline barcelona restaurant bar rockwell group interior design

Just past the entry bar is the "padded room," an intimate lounge clad entirely in a mash-up of Turkish upholstery and tapestry, for an immersive, dramatic lead-in to the main dining room.

For the main dining room, we were inspired by the palm trees outside of Picasso’s original atelier in Barcelona—he loved the trees so much that when they were taken down during a construction project, he moved to a different studio.

jacqueline restaurant barcelona rockwell group design
The palm tree is also a lighting element and can be programmed for different events in the space.

El Comedor (Main Dining Room)

An abstracted palm tree structure, made of bronze metal and green, mirrored glass, creates a canopy over the sushi bar counter and generates an intimate, reflective atmosphere.

A different Turkish pattern is used for the walls and ceiling.

Existing columns in the space are clad in a reinterpreted Turkish pattern and support globe chandeliers.

The second floor was influenced by Picasso’s “Jacqueline with Flowers” (1954), a portrait of Jacqueline in a crouched, “Sphinx-like” position on a red sofa, her figure shown in profile to accentuate her long neck and almond-shaped eyes. Flowers and greenery appear in the background.

jacqueline restaurant barcelona rockwell group design bathroom
The vanity mirrors are surrounded by metal peacock “feathers.”

Striking handmade tiles adorn the columns around the restroom vanity, complementing the surrounding custom wallcovering inspired by vintage art nouveau posters.

The club in the lower level is a nod to Picasso’s “Woman in a Mantilla Red Background” (1959), which depicts Jacqueline in a traditional black lace shawl over her head and shoulders against a bright red backdrop.

Backlit laser cut metal screens along the walls evoke the mantilla’s lace.

Close-up of the club bar.

Lower Level

Inspired by these stark color contrasts, Rockwell Group clad the lower-level club entirely in red, with a reflective red ceiling and red columns.

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