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Nobu Dubai

Dubai, UAE

For the first Nobu restaurant in the Middle East, Rockwell Group further extended the Nobu brand. As an evolution of the concepts developed for the flagship Nobu 57, at Nobu Dubai an emphasis is placed on craftsmanship, natural materials and storytelling. A fluid, curvilinear environment is created through the use of large-scale computer generated woven panels that surround the restaurant walls and ceiling.

The textures and materials were chosen to reflect Nobu’s roots in the Japanese countryside, while also celebrating the Dubai beachfront context.

A laser cut metal screen of cherry blossoms mark the entry to the bar.
The private dining rooms seats 10 guests.

Wooden arches greet the guests entering the private dining room.

The walls of this space are covered with glowing sake bottles and custom artwork on two sides. Overhead the metallic ceiling is punctuated with a glowing composition of custom suspended pendants.

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