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Las Vegas, NV

Inspired by European concert halls, the Hakkasan Group’s OMNIA nightclub, located in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, merges opulent design embedded with state-of-the-art technology to create an immersive, sensory, ever-changing experience.

The 75,000-square-foot OMNIA is beautifully designed, rejecting the idea of dark, cavernous nightclubs.

The main club is an elliptical room with a dramatic, 74-foot-tall domed ceiling.
Curving bands of LEDs mimic the organic shape of the dance floor.

Black and gold “jewelry boxes” have ornate moldings.

Ascending two grand staircases brings guests to the balcony level, where 12 opera boxes with sumptuous finishes offer remarkable views of the dance floor below.

“Our goal was to recreate that special feeling of sitting in an opera box, but transform it for a nightclub.”

Shawn Sullivan, Partner

Heart of OMNIA is a plush and intimate space. Envisioned as a seductive, private lair, dark woods, bronze and leather banquettes, and a stone tile floor set the mood.

Programmable LED screens change the aesthetic of the room throughout the night.
Lighting strips embedded in the seats coordinate with other lights in the club.

Custom seating areas create an organic, amoeba-like outline around the expansive dance floor—the largest in Las Vegas.

The playful, romantic rooftop terrace has sweeping vistas of the Strip. Embedded lighting, etched glass fixtures, and cantilevered lamp posts set the space aglow.

Sofas and tiered cabanas provide relaxing rest stops.
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